Visit to NAMAL, Event story
may 02, 2017

These days, our motherland ‘Pakistan’ is having some difficult situations, BUT there are some people who are keeping it alive, those who talk about hope, positivity, knowledge, peace and making it proud in their capacity. One such example is #NamalCollege, Mianwali.

It was 18th April when team got invited by Namal faculty (special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Abbas and Ma’am Ambreen Hanif) to visit #Namal open day to meet, evaluate and interact with graduating batch of 2017 (EE & CS). We’re excited to attend the event and were curious to know as much as we could about Namal. Personally, It was my first out-station tour, so I was little reluctant.But then I realized that there would not be any better way to encourage students than the one we had. (Academia-Industry bond: students have done what Industry needs as part of their Final year project  and solved not some philosophical, theoretical, non-existent problems, but the real ones)


It was 22nd April 2017, when team fashiony along with representatives of leading Tech companies in Lahore headed towards Mianwali. Journey was little long, but the natural beauty on both sides of the road (and then rain) made it awesome. The coolest thing is that all the representatives were excited to get there without taking the long travel and ups and downs of road into consideration. Because all were on mission to be a part of this Academia-Industry partnership.


We got warm welcome at Namal campus and got served with refreshments. Team @fashiony loved the way faculty of Namal welcome us. It was like they know us for years and was waiting for us for months. Another favour, event organizers did, was providing us with resumes, project titles, description and other related things as a nicely wrapped folder. It was a good novelity; I’d suggest other institutes to follow this.


Team fashiony began evaluating projects exhibited by students, listened them closely, queried and remarked them accordingly. We’re amazed by quality of work, innovation, hard work and clarity of vision. Students have made projects using modern day technologies and established research about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and cloud computing. Most of them are well equipped with open source tools and community standards. They did a really great job.


It was so amazing and I am pretty confident that until these students keep performing their job with this kind of energy, enthusiasm, and dedication, no power on earth can do anything wrong with Pakistan. Finally, we had a meeting with Vice Chancellor, dean, HOD, faculty and industry fellows (judges). That one hour meeting was a revolution in itself. Worthy Vice chancellor asked industry fellows to stay in touch and keep suggesting Namal with good ideas on which Industry needs research and/or development. Fashiony wish that all VCs should do this to make our professional degrees really “professional”.


Then the Good-bye time came, we’re honoured with tokens of appreciation and group photo. The campus was so beautiful and peaceful surrounded by lake, greenery and mountains. The student-teacher bond were exceptional. They were like family. It was hard to say goodbye to such affectionate #NamalFamily. But I assure you that this good bye wasn’t the END.

Fashiony believes that “every end has a new beginning, we just need to understand”. This is what we printed on test we took and we actually practice this. We hope to stay in touch with faculty and keep them updated about industry needs, trends, best practices etc.