What We Are Working on?

Fashiony is going to be Pakistan's first comprehensive fashion portal. We deal in ornaments, show pieces and accessories made of camel bone. Beside this, we have fashion models and brands registered on our portal and are going to become a bridge among them. Models will be able to get hired/freelance work from brands via portal. Moreover, we support, educate, encourage and inspire upcoming models and those who are planning to be. Fashiony would be a great platform for Artists, new comers in fashion world, working women, disabled women and Students. As a social responsibility Fashion aims to introduce modesty in modeling, women empowerment and especially going to make disabled women a useful part of this world.

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Camel Bone Made Ornaments & Accessories

We provide camel bone made fancy, elegant, artistic ornaments and brand accessories (Pens, Logos, Key-chains, Paper cutters, fruit knife etc). These art pieces have a ROYAL touch in them and make you feel close to ART. People who love and understand art, never miss such master pieces.

Modeling Services & creative ideas

Coming soon! fashiony is creating and looking for opportunities for struggling and naive models in modeling industry. We will help them find and work with their dream brand. Also, we're providing innovative marketing ideas and introducing modesty in modeling.

Differently-abled Women Empowerment

fashiony aims to empower all those who were never given their due respect, value and share. If you analyse, it will take you no time to conclude that differently-abled people are forgotten, neglected and hence compromised somehow; but in fact they are real germs. You’ll feel the difference once fashiony start playing its role.

Innovative Idea Recognition & facilitation

Coming Soon! We're a group of talented professionals from leading industries and young entrepreneurs. We aim to expand our group and enhance collaboration. Innovation and fool proof plan is what we love!