Our Vision

“Fashiony.pk is platform for artisans , skillful ladies and differently able persons where we create opportunities for them and let them get rid of any possible obstacle in their way to success.”

Fashiony is an English term and it means related to fashion or one who do fashion, it also refers to modern, innovative, creative, out-of-box and ahead of time things.

Fashiony is reviving the art & heritage that is being preserved in the soil of the sub-continent.  We’re making it hassle free for artists to reach maximum audiences and get their right market share.  Meanwhile, we’re facilitating fashion brands with easy access to artists, models and art vendors.

Fashiony is an online platform for craftsman, fashion models, and other artists to give them a voice, recognition and opportunities they deserve. We facilitate artists to set up their online portfolio and get in touch with brands in order to get freelance work, contracts and performance opportunities.

Pakistan has an enriching heritage that has a huge potential. With Fashiony we’re presenting it to the world while creating a lot of opportunities for local artists.