Sakafat Art & Crafts Exhibition

July 20th, Fashiony participated in Lahore Grand Bazaar organized by Sakafat – The Colors Of Culture where it showcased bone ornaments. Bone carving has been practiced for thousands of years although it started declining during the past few years as young generation is inclined towards new materials that were introduced in the recent past. To keep the bone art alive and to support those artisans which have been doing bone carving, we often participate in different exhibitions to spread awareness among masses about the camel bone art. This time we displayed bone ornaments at Hospitality Inn and received sincere appreciation from event participants of all ages. 

We believe in enabling artisans working day and night to create unique articles that are truly exceptional and eye catching. To support our claim we went on to interview different artisans to know the details of their work, the challenges that they are facing and how can we inculcate an environment of Artpreneurship – an ecosystem for artisans. 


We interviewed artisans working in clothing like Kapra-saaz to introduce new designs to address the changing apparel needs, handmade jewelry accessories by Malhar official, handmade motifs by chipmunks, Shama art gallery promoting art and local artisans and many more.


More or less artisans are facing difficulties to reach out to their target market, usually charges imposed by organizing body does not care about the turn over an artist is going to get from these exhibitions which makes it quite hard for craftsman to attend such events. This area needs our attention to come up with some creative ways where not only organizer gets the event reach but artisans should also benefit the same. 

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Long live Art, Long Live Artisans.

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