Fortress Square Art & Crafts Exhibition

It is an open fact that not everyone can be an artist but everyone understands and admires beautiful artifacts that are created after deep imaginations and depicts hidden mysteries of the universe.

Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.

Leon Trotsky

Art is kind of a voyage in deep waters where there is no apparent end to your imagination and artist is the person who dares to steer his thought-ship in the ocean of imagination. He struggles hard to create something unique, that is close to the nature, that is complex to create yet simple to understand but not so easy to know the source that was displayed in the artifact. So is the story of camel bone art which belongs to prehistoric crafts,  when people don’t have state of art tools and technology even then they created wonderful pieces of art using simple tools like chisel, sandpaper, hammer, etching tool etc that amazed both the artists and art lovers.

As time passes by these artists faced some hard time to create these artifacts because our generation is so much engaged with modern technological as well as mechanical devices that they don’t even know about local art and artists who are involved in keeping the cultural art alive. So this situation arises the need to organize public events where these artifacts can be showcased for general public’s awareness about our cultural art and crafts.

To address the aforementioned situation and to create an eventful healthy environment for both artists and art lovers Fortress Square organized Art & Crafts Festival over the past weekend 25-27 Jan, 2019. A large number of craftsman participated in the festival with great enthusiasm to showcase their crafts, so did the art lovers.

To support & promote local artists FashionyPK also participated in the festival. We showcased intricate art pieces made of camel bone to complement fellow artisans who were showcasing different handmade stuff made of wood, stones, metal, paper and so many other materials. The festival spanned three days with hundreds of national and foreign visitors visiting different stalls each day, artisans were busy telling people visiting their stalls about the art’s origin? How did they started doing it? What difficulties they face in their field of art and many other things.

As always FashionyPK got an overwhelming response from art lovers, artisans, local and foreign visitors for its unique camel bone ornaments. Last time, we met with a German delegate at City School who not only appreciated us for promoting Pakistani art but also encourges us to keep participating in public events to spread awareness about rich culture of country. We believe that empowering local artists and facilitating them is to keep the cultural art alive.

This time we met with Chinese delegate and told them how we are empowering local artisans and utilizing our resources to enable differently-able women in our society. They praised Fashiony’s efforts for enabling local craftsman and promoting cultural art.

Towards the end of the festival all artisans exchanged greetings and contact details with each other so that they can stay in touch. This way, the artisans community stay up-to-date with art & crafts events happening in the city of Lahore. They actively participate and encourage each other to keep this trend alive so that artisans can earn their livelihood alongside artistry. Above all our younger generation gets a chance to know the rich culture of Pakistan.

Art & Crafts Festival will come back next year with more energy and Fashiony artisans. Stay ahead of time and keep promoting artisans.


Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.

Albert Einstein


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