Why ‘fashiony’?

We have a domain name; and we are “fashiony”. People often ask us what is fashiony and why and how you came up with this name. Is it a term? Is it really an English term or Punjabi one?
There are few critics who even say that this name not even match your objectives. They say that if you’re primarily a non-profit, empowering artists, students, women and especially differently abled women then you should probably have some name like “helpingHands” or “Maseeha”.
Otherwise if you’re primarily an ecommerce for camel bone made ornaments, showpieces and creative articles then you should have some name like “hmaraCulture” or “ThanksCamel” .
Relax guys, now being founder of it’s my turn to answer these questions.
“I appreciate your concerns and value your suggestions, but I’m fashiony and I’m proud of it. Fashiony is an English term and it means related to fashion or one who do fashion, it also refers to modern, innovative, creative, out-of-box and ahead of time things. Yeah, fashiony also sounds like a Punjabi term and that’s a plus point.
Now coming to next point, fashiony aims to empower all those who were never given their due respect, value and share. If you analyse, it will take you no time to conclude that all above mentioned are forgotten, neglected and hence compromised somehow; but in fact all of them are real germs. Whether they’re our cultural ornaments, women, differently abled women, artists, creative thinkers or students, you’ll feel the difference once fashiony start playing its role. It’s not ONLY an ecommerce or women empowerment website but a lot more is yet to come.
Now, about some old, boring, conservative name like helper or masseha, see! We’re NOT AT ALL a helper or maseeha, we’re just doing what we should do. That’s not a favour to anyone but a responsibility of ours. When we come forward with enough passion to empower someone, such innocent looking names don’t suit, you need to be different, energetic, enthusiastic, selfless, and FASHIONY .
Let’s build hope and strengthen it with matchless passion of all of us. If you stand with us, we promise to bring this positive change. I’m fashiony, you’re fashiony, and all of us should be fashiony.

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